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Client:Dominic Gardner
Date:June 22, 2012

Dominic Gardner

Dominic has been in the motor trade for over 45 years.     On leaving school he joined Roper’s Garage in Wellingborough as an apprentice mechanic.   He then moved to Townsends in Rushden where he mainly worked on Volkswagens and which began a long career in this marque.    After finishing his training he went on to establish Custom Cycles Choppers with his brother.

When DG Motor Services was started we also carried out bodywork repairs and Dominic undertook a number of complete restorations on Campers and Beetles for customers.   He also specialised in custom paintwork including metalflake, flames and graphics.   Due to expansion on the mechanical side of the business, we no longer have facilities for carrying out bodywork.

In the early 1980’s he designed and built the Phoenix Trike, which was sold as a ready built vehicle or in kit form.   This was based on the VW Beetle engine and rear transaxle with a complete new front frame and fibre-glass body.   After  20 years this business was sold on as he felt he had taken it as far as he could and Dominic now focuses on MOT Testing, servicing and repairs.

His hobbies include jetski-ing, flying, kite-buggying , motor-cycling and caravanning.


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