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Date:July 21, 2012

PicoScope Oscilloscope


PicoScope is an specialist automotive Oscilloscope

This allows us to capture the very fast signals on modern cars. Including the bus systems like Controller area network (CAN), Local interconnect network (LIN)

Modern CAN bus system on cars run at speeds upto 1 Megabit, this means 1 million (1 or 0) can be sent round every second with out an oscilloscope you would never be able to make out the messages being sent round


We also use the oscilloscope to measure engine ECU readings like Crankshaft and Camshaft position sensor,  Crankshaft sensor can use a 60 tooth wheel so at 7000RPM there  are 420,000 signals every minute.  Here is a sample picture of a correct camshaft and crankshaft sensor (there is also a multimeter checking the 5volt reference signal to the sensor)

When the engine warmed up this is what happened to the readings: